What is magic flock and how to use it?

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Magic Flock rhinestone template material is a type of transfer paper specifically designed for creating rhinestone designs. It is made from a soft, fuzzy material that allows rhinestones to adhere to it easily and stay in place until they are ready to be transferred onto fabric.

To use Magic Flock rhinestone template material, you will need to follow these steps:

1. Create your rhinestone design: Using a software program or template, create your desired rhinestone design.

2. Cut the Magic Flock: Cut the Magic Flock material to the size of your design using a cutting machine or scissors.

3. Apply transfer tape: Apply transfer tape to the top of the Magic Flock material to hold the rhinestones in place.

4. Place rhinestones: Place the rhinestones on the Magic Flock material in the appropriate spots according to your design.

5. Press the rhinestones: Use a hot press or iron to heat the rhinestones onto the Magic Flock material. This will help them adhere to the material.

6. Peel off transfer tape: Once the rhinestones have cooled down, carefully peel off the transfer tape from the Magic Flock material, which should leave the rhinestones adhered to the material.

7. Transfer the design: Place the Magic Flock material with the rhinestones face down on your fabric, and press with a hot press or iron to transfer the rhinestone design onto your fabric.

Overall, Magic Flock rhinestone template material is an excellent option for creating detailed and intricate rhinestone designs with ease. With a little practice, you can use this material to create stunning rhinestone designs on a variety of fabrics.

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