Rhinestone template material Magic sticky flock Rhinestone Starter Kit

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sticky flock for hotfix rhinestone template instructions
Step 1, Put one of the hotfix tape on to the PVC motherboard
Step 2, Put the sticky flock on the hotfix tape
Step 3, Turn the blade over 7 grade
Then start cutting, very easy to pull off and left the holes perfectly clean!

RhinestoneStarterKit packing list
1pcs 30cm x 30cm Mats for Cricut and Cameo cutting machine
1pcs Mini Iron
2pcs Wax Pens
2pcs Rhinestone Magic Brushes
2yards Magic Sticky Flock, 2yards Heat Transfer Tape.
3sheet 30x20cm Magic Sticky Flock, 3sheet 32x20cm Heat Transfer Tape.
3pcs Rhinestone Triangle Plates
8pcs Easy-Weeding Vinyl Tools Kit
9pcs Rhinestone Easy Pick Up Tools Kit
10,080pcs 7colors (1440pcs each color) Super quality hotfix Rhinestone. (Better than DMC Korean Hotfix Rhinestone)

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Sticky Flock - Rhinestone Stencil Material
Sticky Flock should be your #1 choice when designing rhinestone templates and patterns. And using it is so simple! Simply start with a sheet of Sticky Flock laid out on your workstation. Then, cut out your pattern from the second sheet of Sticky Flock. Shake your rhinestones on to your pattern and brush them into place. Cover with hotfix tape, and apply heat! It's as simple as that!

Sticky Flock makes it easy to create one-of-a-kind patterns, and you can even mix and match designs because Sticky Flock does not permanently adhere to itself. Because of this, using Sticky Flock eliminates the need for a backboard.

Advantages of Sticky Flock:
Saves you money - Cut it once and use fewer supplies with this reusable material.
Faster productivity - With its special adhesive, Sticky Flock can stick to itself without permanently adhering, allowing you to mix and match unique templates on one workspace.
Interchangeable - Sticky Flock makes it easy to re-do entire designs without changing templates.
Repositionable - Sticky Flock is the only repositionable stencil material on the market.
Longer Blade Life - Using Sticky Flock increases the life of your blade. By reducing the amount of cutting force to just 170 grams, cutting Sticky Flock will drastically decrease the amount of wear and tear on your vinyl cutter.
Efficiency - The material's smooth surface allows you to pull the transfer tape off easily in one swift pull. This decreases production time and increases efficiency.
Antistatic Surface - Your rhinestones/rhine studs will be kept secure and in place when removed from the rhinestone transfer tape due to Sticky Flock's antistatic surface.
Additional features - Easy to weed and pull of stone circle cuts, lays flat, and can also be cut on craft cutters!
Note: 60°-70° vinyl cutter blade is required for cutting Sticky Flock.